This is Rose's African Lioness. Rose shot this Lioness in the neck at 90 yards after 3 hard days of tracking. She was shooting a T/C Pro Hunter in .375 H&H with Barnes TSX bullets and a Magna Na Port International Muzzle Break.  Let Grashorns Gunworks LLC, hunt you down a pair of Elk Antler, Bone or Horn grips, made to order.

​Grashorns Gunworks LLC

Rose's Impala, one shot at 60 yds, quick shot in the brush.

Above is Rose's Blesbuk, one shot at 312 yards. Type your paragraph here.

Above is Rose's Waterbuk, 200 yds, Type your paragraph here.

Pat's Eland, also 200 yds, 1400 lbs.

Track down your own Elk Stag grips with our help.

Such as these Giraffe Bone grips on this Ruger Single action. Different materials available at different times. 

Hunt yourself a Giraffe and we can create handmade grips like these. 

We can use your Bull or our antler, as you prefer as in these D frame Colt.

In June of 2014, Rose and Patrick traveled to northern South Africa and hunted for 5 day. This was Rose's Lioness hunt primarily and if time permitted, then we would sort out what was next. Most of 3 days walking and tracking for the Big Lioness resulted in a fine trophy for Rose. We encourage you to take a look at the photo of the animals as well as the grips. We are happy to use antler, horn, ivory or bone from your trophies to make your grips as long as the shape and size will work.

In 2011 we Traveled to South Africa to hunt with Grant Abramson and East Cape Safaris. A truely great time. Book with confidence.  To see a different area

In 2014 we booked with Lolobe Safaries and Daniel Du Toit and also, couldn't not have been happier. Let us know if you have any questions, contact info. anything at all. It really doesn't cost as much as  you think, it can, but doesn't have to to have a great time.  

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