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Hello all,  here are a few photos from our safari to South Africa. Rose harvested a large Lioness, a Waterbuk, Blesbuck and Impala. I also harvested a large Eland. Please enjoy our photos and check out our website showing Elk Stag and 
no bark grips for many revolvers and autos. There is a link to our email below, feel free to ask any questions you might have.  Thank you  Patrick and Rose 

Roses Waterbuk, 190 yards, one shot.

Roses Blesbuk, 312 yards, down in one shot.

Roses Impala, quick shot at 60 yards. One shot again.

Patricks Eland with Roses T/C in .375 H&H.

We offer custom grips for your Ruger single actions in the following frames. Vaquero/Blackhawk, Birdshead, Bisley and short frame 32's, New Vaquero, 50th aniversery Blackhawk,XR-3 frame, and square trigger guard Super Blackhawk,Redhawk and Security Six double actions.  S&W J,K-L,N round and square butt, S&W 1917 in both magna and service style, also S&W model 12 round butt. Colt double action for I,E frame, Python, Official Police etc. D frame such as agent, detective special, Diamondback, long D frame Colt Police Positive as well as the Colt 1917 New Service. Also insert panels for Ruger GP 100 and SP101. We also offer grips for your MK VI Webley. We also make Stag grips for your 1911 Government and Officers model. I can make stag grips for the SAA Colt or clone with your grip frame sent to me.
Stag grips are available in Elk for a classic and functional grip that looks and feels great. The amount of bark remaining does depend upon the antler to some extent but we strive to retain as much as possible or keep the amount you would like, such as 1/2 bark or 1/3 bark. We are glad to build the grips to your specs. Just let us know what you want.

I has become necessary to offer you the chance to send your Ruger grip frame for fitting, no extra charge for this service, but it is about the only way I can promise proper fit. Ruger grip frames can have a fair amount of variation. 

Single Action Elk Stag and Bone grips are 175.00 shipped
Double Action Stags and Bone grips are 145.00 shipped. Ruger Redhawk 175.00
1911 Government and Officers Elk Stag or Bone are 130.00 shipped.
Deringer, American and Bond Stag or Bone are 130.00 shipped.
Ruger GP100 and SP101 panel inserts in Elk Stag or Bone are 130.00 shipped.
Colt short D frame w/extended bottom are 165.00 shipped.
Colt 1917 New Service 145.00 
Medallions for Ruger, S&W and Colt are usually available and installed for 20.00 extra. Shipping is included
unless a larger box is needed.
Other materials are available from time to time as I can find them and will have to be priced at that time.
Prices can change without notice.

Additional models are being added as we can. Currently we have added grips for the Smith and Wesson J,K-L,N round and square butt, 1917 S&W, Colt double actions are also available, Colt single action require the gun for fitting. Bond and American Derringers are also available. Email me questions about other models such as Colt or it's Clones as we do them also.

contact us by email at   or call us at   cell 970-397-1524 or 970-576-2488, the address is   4185 Antelope Meadows Drive, Burns  Wyoming 82053





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